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Digital Marketing

Campaigns have many stakeholders. A lot of time is spent in communicating and tracking - leading to high costs and lower returns. 

A typical campaign involves multiple departments, agencies, business stakeholders, and content creation teams. Tasks can span multiple parties and there is a constant need for collaboration, delivering artifacts, and coordinating across different participants. Additionally, it is important to track progress and record decisions in realtime to ensure a timely and high-quality result. Today a lot of this is accomplished by using multiple applications like group chat, email, cloud drives, project management software, etc. This requires significant time investment and it’s error-prone. This results in increasing the cost and decreasing the effectiveness of the team by removing the focus on delivering what the business actually needs.

Use Buj to centralize all project activities and communications. Track work as it happens. 

Using the Buj platform the team is able to centralize communications within/across teams, and external stakeholders like customers, agencies, and sub-contractors. The team can now manage meetings, todos, tasks, projects by stakeholder, team, type of task, deadline, etc. without having to enter status in some other tool. Progress reports and following up on work items is one click away in realtime. Additionally all artifacts are also available within the same platform along with commentary and multiple versions. This brings discovery, delivery, execution, and tracking under one screen.

Faster delivery of projects, less errors, and a happier team.

Projects are delivered faster with less effort. A lot of the distractions have been removed. Potential issues with delivery are identified early making it easier to rectify issues and avoiding expensive redos. As team productivity improved so did team morale and customer satisfaction.

Project and task tracking, communication, and collaboration

  • Progress Views
  • Task/Project tracking
  • Objectives
  • Multiple conversations per post
  • Remote meeting rooms
  • File storage
  • Screen recording


Achieve business objectives

with focused teams





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