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IT Service Management

with a Purpose

Buj provides a platform where service management is not just aligned with meeting SLAs

but also be aligned with the strategic goals and objectives of the company


Service requests are aligned with business objectives - spend time on what matters!

By aligning service requests with the personal, team, and company objectives team members can quickly prioritize service requests and focus on the work that matters the most. Along with being able to see overall investments being made towards certain objectives managers can make team, and priority, adjustments on the fly to maintain an optimal level of productivity.


Close service requests quickly, and with maximum effect

Not all service requests are equal. The business requires that service requests are processed in the optimal order and speed resulting in the most benefit to the business. Buj’s unique collaboration model ensures that across all relevant teams everyone is aligned in servicing the right requests at the right time. Maximizing the business value of service management


Deliver more value with the same team

The efficiency improvements of using Buj is akin to adding more team members without the additional cost. With teams delivering more value in the same amount of time the overall cost of delivering service management is decreased maximizing the ROI of service management teams.

Achieve business objectives

with focused teams





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