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Effective Cybersecurity

with Buj

Buj enables your cybersecurity team to implement highly effective cybersecurity policies

and practices without adding burden to their workload


Centralize reporting of both external and internal Security Events

Buj provides a central hub for all types of security events. The intelligent routing of issues to user feeds makes sure that the appropriate team members are notified in realtime enabling them to react faster and ensuring proper security process is followed.


React quickly to security events across the organization & follow policy

As security events are identified and routed to appropriate teams they can now start following the prescribed security policies. With Buj’s unique collaboration model team’s can go through cross teamwork streams like legal, prod dev, and other teams. Everyone involved can easily access all relevant data without compromising operational security.


Be ready for an audit at runtime

By design, Buj captures all relevant information required by most auditors out of the box. This enables teams to be audit-ready at any given point of time since all required evidence, and artifacts, are being created at runtime.


Constantly improve cybersecurity practices

Retrospectives are one click away in Buj. This enables the Cyberscrutiy team to easily learn from previous events and improve ongoing processes. This continuous review and improvement process is critical in maintaining a high level of cybersecurity as the nature of attacks and their remediations are very fluid by their nature.

Achieve business objectives

with focused teams





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