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Deploy faster with optimized process

with Buj

From pull requests to production release and support, use Buj for engineering workflows


Accelerate product delivery with Buj

Software engineers use Buj to accelerate shipping code by collaborating together. With integrations like source control, monitoring, etc. and collaboration within and across teams, from requirements to delivery, the product moves faster.

  • Discuss all contexts of your code in one place – from security/code reviews to just brainstorming and approvals.



Find and resolve bugs

Keep on top of bugs and outages, and coordinate with the right resources, to respond faster. Integrations with tools like monitoring and knowledge base allow for more efficient responses.

  • Keep track of new and in-progress tickets. Collaborate across teams like customer support, and sales to keep everyone updated while working with engineering and product teams to resolve issues.



Faster software development with integrations

Connect Buj with automation tools to minimize low-value work and focus on building high-value tasks – like designing and writing code.
  • Enable on-call resources to quickly get to resolution and get appropriate teams and functions involved to get resolution simpler and faster way.


Achieve business objectives

with focused teams





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