Incident Management

  • Incident resolution times take longer than expected causing longer downtime for vital systems.
  • Customers are unhappy based on longer resolution times leading to churn.
  • IT/DevOps teams incident specific collaboration can’t be re-used effectively to eliminate future incidents and improve time to resolution (MTTR).
  • Retrospective lessons-learned are difficult and time-consuming because of challenges in collecting relevant information the team can review on-demand.
  • With Buj, users are able to focus on related incident collaboration specific to them so they can make better decisions and take actions quicker.
  • With Buj, your users can easily communicate on the same incident subject across multiple teams and individuals while improving operational excellence to reduce MTTR.
  • With Buj, discussions about a given incident and all of the associated actions are stored for easier retrieval and review later.
  • You can reduce your MTTR times by 40-50% with Buj by letting your IT/DevOps teams collaborate with actionable relevant data to make better/quicker decisions.
  • In real-time, keep every team up to date for a given incident trail via transparent collaboration you can share across teams instantly.
  • Retrospective lessons-learned can be easily reviewed on-demand by analyzing collection of decisions recorded organically via Buj system.
  • As incidents are handled quicker or automated, your customers’ positive feedback will drive higher retention rate.
  • Focused collaboration feed to reduce the noise, ability to set advanced filters to only view content you are interested in.
  • Advanced video conferencing, including Virtual Desk to reach any colleague on-demand.
  • Ability to automate repetitive tasks by triggering data based decisions.
  • A number of integrations available with JIRA, GitHub, GitLab, Jenkis and others.
  • User engagement data to help with audit and compliance.

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