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Buj becomes the center of all collaboration
Buj helps team work together with data driven collaboration. This is done within teams, posts, and the conversations that bring them together. This helps foster teamwork and data driven collaboration.
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  • Relevant conversations
  • Organized history
  • Hub for your tools and services
Conversations for teams about posts (data/events)
  • Teams can be organized by projects, clients, function, interest, or whatever makes sense for you.
  • Posts can be data events (like an outage or a deal closing), people events (who wants to hangout after work?), questions (anyone know how to submit an expense?), etc.
  • Conversations can be started about a post with multiple teams, or individual users, allowing for a natural collaboration platform.
Search makes posts/conversations a knowledgebase
  • Since all conversations are organized by post and team it is trivial to quickly do a retrospective, or to find out if a particular problems was solved in the past - how and by whom.
  • All your communications become easily accessible knowledge for the team in perpetuity.
Get work done faster with your tool hub
  • Get data and alerts from tools to relevant teams from products like Jira, GitHub, GitLab, Salesforce, Zendesk - our any other software. Once tools are connected to teams posts can be autogenerated, and actions can be taken in these tools from within Buj.

Frictionless work across tools

In Buj, your tools and services deliver information and actions to your team in one place. Data is no longer stuck in email or dashboards but is available immediately to appropriate teams and matched with appropriate next steps for quick actions.
Easily integrate with Buj
It is simple to integrate your tools with Buj. Use existing integrations or create your own based on your requirements

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