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Put Buj

in your App

What if collaboration around your users’ workflow is not lost and can be accessed inside your application?


Deliver Actionable Insights to your Users

Buj can be embedded into other apps to deliver an AI-driven feed to its users. You can highlight data, analysis, and features from your app and provide users with the next steps to increase user engagement and ROI.


Understand how users get value from your app

By embedding Buj app owners can understand how users use and get value from features and data in their apps. The engagement data can be used to further improve user adoption, and decide on which features to build. This not only makes your product team more productive and nimble but also increases revenue.


Enable users to get more work done in your App

Embedded Buj empowers thrid party app users to collaborate, take action, and track outcomes all within the app. This not only increases the app ROI but also owns more of the end-user process resulting in much higher renewal rates.


Users don't have to be kicked out of your app to communicate

As the mobile app trends show it is best for users to be able to communicate and collaborate naturally within an app, rather than be kicked out to another software. Embedded Buj can enable full remote team collaboration via text, video, or chat all in the context of getting work done in your app.

Achieve business objectives

with focused teams





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