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Learn how Human Resources are leveraging Buj

  • Companies face challenges of helping employees understand how their job roles and performance indicators align to and contribute to the achievement of the overall company objectives.
  • With company growth performance management is becoming difficult and “for ticks” with the fast pace of business operations and the lack of time for performance alignment.
  • HR is constantly looking for effective ways of learning employees but have no effective ways to track the impact of training on the performance of the employees.
  • With Buj, the onboarding process becomes easier with all needed information in one place.
  • With Buj, holding one-to-one meetings, saving employee morale and satisfaction, and eventually, the organization’s goals become handy via getting the right information in the right time.
  • With Buj, you have a hub for continuous learning to keep pace with the rising ambitions of employees, with ability to track results.
  • Onboarding takes 30% less time for newcomers. Employees are open to changes, cause of easy adaptation.
  • Setting and leading personal and company objectives will help the employee understand the direction of his/her performance and importance in the company. It reduces layoffs and retains talents.
  • Focused collaboration feed to reduce the noise, ability to set advanced filters to only view content you are interested in.
  • Advanced video conferencing, including Virtual Desk to reach any colleague on-demand.
  • Private and global objectives for setting and tracking results.
  • Screen, video and audio recording for sharing materials and taking notes.

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