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Focused Collaboration

Generate Posts

Collaboration in Buj is centered around posts. A post can be an event (e.g. a downtime or closing a deal), data (e.g. list of at risk list account, etc.), a task (e.g. release a product feature, etc.), or a simple message. Posts can have statuses, reactions, multimedia, action buttons, and associated converstations.

Work Across Teams

All conversations are in the context of posts. A post can have many conversations across people and teams. All conversations are private and only people/teams participating in the conversations cn see them. This allows for multiple teams to work together and individually on the same work item without losing context and not creating a glut of distracting communications.

Optimize Feed

All posts are available to users via a unified feed. The feed can be filtered by team, users, topics, tags, etc. Additionally AI and user defined rules can further optimize the feed to deliver a personalized feed to each user tuned to minimize distractions and provide an easy way to know what to focus on next.

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