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  • Communication
  • Automation
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Better communication

Buj connects everyone in the team, across team and roles (CEO-Jr. AE), to work together and bring in the deals. All opportunity related conversations and decisions happen in post conversations organized by deal data, territory, product, and topics. This makes sure everyone is on the same page with easy access to all deal related information.

Optimize your sales

Make sales easier by bringing the sales data for your current tools into Buj.
  • CRM Data in real-time
    Access critical account information and capitalize on leads immediately with real-time alerts and collaboration organized by opportunities
  • React to customer feedback
    Provide a better customer experience by getting customer data like product feedback, NPS scores, product activity - indicating renewal risk, in Buj.
  • Make pipelines more accurate and understood
    Current numbers are always available, and the org sales can collaborate across team like services, product, and executive to accelerate deal flow and strategic deals.

Delight customers with better onboarding

Onboarding new customers can get tricky and its critical to ensure a happy customer and a renewal. Buj not only can have all the deal and customer data easily available but it also connects multiple teams like services, reps, and customer success all in the context of the customer and all related information.

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