What if collaboration around your daily work is not lost and can be tied to the company’s objectives?
With Buj you can track your daily work just by “doing your work”. It sounds trivial because we believe doing your work should not require you to keep track of your collaboration and tasks, it should just happen naturally. In Buj we automatically calculate your “Focus Score” in real-time to help you stay on track to be aligned with your objectives.

The Current Way — Constant Chatter

  • Common collaboration apps like Slack and MS Teams are primarily focusing user attention on quickly creating a message after message to get a response to something that is being discussed.
  • Users are not able to associate the same conversations easily.
  • A lot of redundant and duplicate information is being exchanged between multiple teams and individuals.
  • That leads to a lot of time being wasted on chatter instead of getting closer to accomplishing a set objective.

The Solution Focused Collaboration

Buj approaches team collaboration differently. Discussions in Buj are centered around posts that can be tied to one or more objectives. A given post can have many parallel conversations across individuals and teams. This allows for multiple teams to work together and individually on the same task without losing context and helps avoid creating a glut of distracting communications. The more activities a user is attributing to a post tied to a company’s objective, the higher the “Focus Score” number will be. The goal is to keep that score as high as you can, which will naturally keep you focused on your tasks.

  • In real-time, keep every team up to date for a given discussion trail via transparent cross-team collaboration.
  • A post can be an event (e.g. a downtime or closing a deal), data (e.g. list of at-risk accounts, etc.), a task (e.g. release a product feature, etc.), or a simple message.
  • Posts can have statuses, reactions, multimedia, action buttons, and associated conversations.
  • As new posts are created and tagged to objectives, the user Focus Score will reflect activity taken on those relevant posts.

So why Buj?

  • With Buj, users are able to perform their daily work, while tracking activities tied to an objective via a real-time Focus Score. That helps align the company towards common objectives.
  • The higher the score, the better the user’s actions alignment would be to set objectives. It’s like a game, the highest score wins! 🙂
  • With Buj, users are able to focus on related discussions specific to them so they can make better decisions and take action quicker.
  • Your users can easily communicate on the same topic across multiple teams and individuals while improving operational excellence. 
  • You might ask, how does Focus Score actually work, it’s our secret sauce! Here are some of the activity criteria we are using to attribute to that score:
  • reading a post or a comment
  • creating a post
  • sharing a post
  • marking a post as useful/not-useful
  • adding a reaction to a post
  • setting a status
  • writing a comment
  • following a link
  • tagging posts to a topic or objective

Other Benefits of Buj that will help you get work done

  • Filtered collaboration feed to reduce the noise, ability to set advanced filters to only view content you are interested in.
  • Advanced video conferencing, including virtual desks and team meeting rooms to reach any colleague on-demand.
  • Ability to automate repetitive tasks by triggering data-based decisions. 
  • A number of integrations available with JIRA, GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins, Slack, and others.
  • User engagement data to help with audit and compliance.

Take the chore out of trying to figure out what you need to work on today and start using Buj! It will allow you to track your daily work progress via the Focus Score calculated in real-time.