Constantly evolving IT environments require a best-of-breed operations applications for any IT support team. Here we highlighted a handful of universal challenges with which almost every incident response team struggles and how Buj app helps to deal with them in more organized and productive way.

The Problem

  • Incident resolution times take longer than expected causing longer downtime for vital systems.
  • Customers are unhappy based on longer resolution times leading to churn.
  • IT/DevOps teams incident specific collaboration can’t be re-used effectively to eliminate future incidents and improve time to resolution (MTTR).
  • Retrospective lessons-learned are difficult and time-consuming because of challenges in collecting relevant information the team can review on-demand.

The Solution

Addressing these common problems will help organizations reduce their incident resolution times & cost and line up IT activity to real-time business priorities. Here is how Buj’s makes your Incident Response an organized operation rather than a chaotic process that never seems to improve:

  • With Buj, users are able to focus on related incident collaboration specific to them so they can make better decisions and take actions quicker.
  • With Buj, your users can easily communicate on the same incident subject across multiple teams and individuals while improving operational excellence to reduce MTTR
  • With Buj, discussions about a given incident and all of the associated actions are stored for easier retrieval and review later.
  • In Buj, board members and stakeholders are always up to date about the status of ongoing incident

So why Buj?

  • You can reduce your MTTR times by 40-50% with Buj by letting your IT/DevOps teams collaborate with actionable relevant data to make better/quicker decisions.
  • In real-time, keep every team up to date for a given incident trail via transparent collaboration you can share across teams instantly.
  • Retrospective lessons-learned can be easily reviewed on-demand by analyzing collection of decisions recorded organically via Buj.
  • As incidents are handled quicker or automated, your customers’ positive feedback will drive higher retention rate.

Other Benefits of Buj which will help scale your team’s response

Buj helps your team succeed in minimizing the impact of an incident on the business, mitigate risks of unplanned costs, and also identify the potential areas of improvement. But more than that it gives you a proper solution for productive daily communication and work:

  • Focused collaboration feed to reduce the noise, ability to set advanced filters to only view content you are interested in.
  • Advanced video conferencing, including virtual desks and meeting rooms to reach any colleague on-demand.
  • Ability to automate repetitive tasks by triggering data based decisions. 
  • Number of integrations available with JIRA, GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins and others.
  • User engagement data to help with audit and compliance.